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In the midst of planning, recording and creating this course, the world has experienced some major life-changing events. 

While some entrepreneurs and business owners have been inspired with new ideas and have flourished, others have been met with harsh realities and failure.

That’s why knowing how to make your next five, ten, or fifteen next moves in the War Room, Board Room, and Bedroom has never been more important than today.

Whether you are a Founder of a company at war, fighting to stay alive in the business jungle; a CEO leading in the corporate sector, trying to keep the company together and investors happy; or a new entrepreneur, sales person, or manager with aspirations of going to the next level in your career, this course has content for you.

Over the last twenty years, I have gone from being a broke employee to being a new entrepreneur, a salesperson, a sales manager, a sales leader, a startup CEO/Founder, and a content creator…and survived.

I have had countless moments where I wanted to quit (and maybe I should have in order to avoid the pain and heartaches), but I didn’t. This course and this content of Advanced Business Strategy is what you won’t get taught in a traditional education. It is a hands-on approach, encapsulating my twenty-plus years of experiences of dealing with people and making it work. It is the tool I wish I had when I started.

Now, it’s your tool. My hope is that you take this course and content, apply it, and get to your next level by making the RIGHT next moves for your life and business because the world needs our best more than ever.

Make Your Next Move Count.

Curated content from a Wall Street Journal #1 Bestselling book

Curated content from a Wall Street Journal #1 Bestselling book

Learn the Moves of a Grandmaster Entrepreneur

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.

Master Knowing Yourself

This is a topic rarely talked about in business circles. What you’ll see is that thinking ahead is impossible without self-awareness. With self-awareness, you gain the power of choice and control over your actions. Above all, with the knowledge of who you want to be, you will know which direc-tion to take as well as why it matters.

Master the Ability to Reason

Move 2 - Master the Ability to Reason I’ll show you how to process issues and provide a methodology to deal with any decision you’ll face, no matter what the stakes. No decision is black-and-white, and this section will teach you how to see all the shades of gray so you can move forward decisively despite the uncertainty.

Master Building the Right Team

At the heart of everything I do is lead-ing people to find the best in themselves. I do so by asking questions that uncover their deepest desires. Just as I challenge people to understand themselves, I will challenge you to understand your relationships. Building trust in employees and partners creates profitable alliances, speeds up all parts of your business, and helps you sleep at night.

Master Strategy to Scale

We’ll cover everything from how to raise capital and how to create rapid growth to how to hold peo-ple accountable for their actions. By the time you get to this section, you’ll be thinking like a seasoned CEO and learning how to gain and maintain momentum as well as how to create systems that allow you to track and measure the key parts of your business.

Master Power Plays

We’ll discuss how you can beat the Goliath in your industry. You’ll also see how to control your narrative and leverage social media to frame your story. You’ll learn about psychology and gain insider secrets from one of the most notorious business organizations in the world: the Mob (yes, the Mob—and you’ll soon see why!). We’ll close out with some incredible stories that show how winning entrepreneurs think five moves ahead.

Your Mentor

Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David is CEO & Founder of PHP Agency and Valuetainment Media. Throughout his career, he has transitioned from a sales person to sales leader to a CEO of 15,000 insurance agents nationwide; mentoring many individuals, companies and boardrooms along the way. In 2013 he launched Valuetainment Media on YouTube. Today it is considered one of the top brands for entrepreneurs with Value and entertainment. The lessons he teaches in the Advanced Business Strategy course are a by-product of the years he has spent applying these philosophies to his companies and personal life. Patrick's unapologetic and thought provoking approach to education with interviews of well know and controversial figures along with educational content has attracted a wide range of audiences from around the globe.

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