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Know Your Style of Selling

Lesson 1

Knowing your approach and style of selling is crucial to your success. The key is to identify an effective style of selling that produces results.

Know Your Sales Personality

Lesson 2

Your customers are a by-product of how you present yourself. Making the necessary adjustments to your approach can help you enter new markets.

Know Your Industry

Lesson 3

Once you have mastered your own unique approach and style of selling, there is a way to approach your industry in order to compete with the established companies who have more experience than you.

Know Your Salesflow

Lesson 4

Every year, billions of dollars of commissions are lost due to a lack of attention to details. Taking an inventory of your sales flow will help identify areas where money is being lost or left on the table.

Know Your Tracking Systems

Lesson 5

The most significant separator in the world of business is the implementation of studying trends through data. The key is to have a system on how you track data.

Sales System Bonus Material

  • Patrick Bet-David Personal Closes

    Over the last 20 years Patrick has gathered and used some of the most effective closes in sales. This course makes them available to you.

Your Mentor

Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David is CEO & Founder of PHP Agency and Valuetainment Media. Throughout his career, he has transitioned from a sales person to sales leader to a CEO of 15,000 insurance agents nationwide; mentoring many individuals, companies and boardrooms along the way. In 2013 he launched Valuetainment Media on YouTube. Today it is considered one of the top brands for entrepreneurs with Value and entertainment. The lessons he teaches in the Advanced Business Strategy course are a by-product of the years he has spent applying these philosophies to his companies and personal life. Patrick's unapologetic and thought provoking approach to education with interviews of well know and controversial figures along with educational content has attracted a wide range of audiences from around the globe.

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  • How long is the PBD Sales System course?

    The Sales System course is 120+ minutes long

  • How is the course divided up?

    There are 5 different lessons and one bonus lesson

  • Can I replay the course more than once?

    Yes, we suggest everyone study the course and re-watch it as many times as needed

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